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Acumen Finance is a Specialised commercial mortgage Lender with a next generation Fintech inspired backbone and online loan facilitation platform. We provide lending and matching solutions across the first, second and third tier market. Also known as the private mortgage and lending markets.

At Acumen you can speak directly with the Credit Manager who is underwriting your facility. You can also check our verified transaction history. Our offer is simple Fast , Reliable Commercial Finance

Nathan Daly - Managing Director

Acumen Finance was formed out of necessity to give property owners and businesses access to unbiased and flexible commercial mortgage products and the Fintech  capital markets.

Nathan Daly
Managing Director, Acumen Finance

The Three Tiers

Information about banking tiers

For the First Tier, being banks and the APRA entities, our clients get smart access to the through leveraging the right institutions based on their appetite and liquidity. We check which Banks have "space on their books" or are actually writing new business - not just reshuffling a portfolio of clients.

This means not getting stuck in a portfolio that doesn’t want you, or having a banker too  busy to return your calls. Unlike a mortgage broker who might receive an application and pass it off to a lender for review, we do the work that a bank officer would do for a bank credit committee - all from our office. This includes the financial modelling to demonstrate the best loan structure, all of the necessary credit checks and a thoroughly best of breed credit discussion paper to obtain the commercial loan.

We then strategically handpick a banker from an institution of mutual comfort with at least 10 or more years experience and consistent steady employment in the bank.

We ask the hard questions to determine how much the bankers understand.

Do they just tick boxes or are they pragmatic and commercially minded enough to handle your needs?

Don’t wait to find out they are not up to standard.

Contact us to learn more.

For the second tier lenders being ASIC regulated entities, mortgage securitization programs, RMBS, CMBS, Fintech backed property lenders. Wholesale mortgage lenders and Non-Bank Mortgage Managers and other similar models that raise capital from a wholesale credit line or from investors and then lend it out on secured mortgages and make management fee's and margins.

We understand the liquidity and work the licensed companies and their risk appetite, intelligently matching loans to obtain the best commercial rates.

The most common style of Lender that participates in this market are Managed Investment Schemes (M.I.S) who can lend via Pooled or Contributory Mortgage Schemes. Each fund has a set of rules that it must follow to be compliant with the responsibility of holding an Australian Financial Services License. 

 Our advanced credit matching Tools benchmark the following

1. Various rule sets that govern each mortgage lenders policies in this segment
2. Maximum Loan Size allowed per security or per borrower
3. Maximum LVR
4. Will the lender accept, Low-Doc, No-Doc, LoDoc, Asset Lend style of income verification. Income from B.A.S or Bank Statements
5. What the minimum credit score for a loan to be considered
6. Types of acceptable property zoning and postcode list
7. Who the lawyers are acting for the Lender, can they confirm various commercial aspects about the lender, can we review draft loan agreements and documentation to discern the level of professionalism and the spirit of the loan agreements
8. Legal system search to see if the Lender is in any ASIC actions, or have any liquidity problems or investor problems
9. Property valuation policy, who instructs the valuation and on what rationale?
10. Negative Pledging, will the Lender allow a second mortgage or a subordinated secondary lender to also hold the same security. If yes, will they allow registration of a second mortgage? will they consent to a deed of priority if its on commercial terms
11. Default Interest Rate, number of loans that are in default.

Most importantly we know who settles and only connect with the best of breed operators.

Sophisticated Investors - Ultra High Net Worth Individuals - Private Companies - Distressed Debt Trading Funds or Special Situations Debt Funds. Are some of the examples of our key underwriters in Tier 3.

Our network of ultra high net worth investors spans the globe and we know the liquidity and risk appetite for the Australian market. We have been creating structured credit deals secured by mortgages or caveats for many years and have signficant commercial experience and track record in funding this style of transaction and exiting the loans commercially and cleanly.

Many borrowers have been frustrated by this segment of the industry whereby there is a lack of transparency and a long chain middle men. Deal direct with Acumen Finance and experience our pragmatic, commercial and straight forward approach to private mortgage lending. You will know from the first point of contact you are dealing with private lending experts.

You are dealing with only people who have actively funded / settled deals not just consider them for earning a fee.  Since 2003 this has been our core competency.

We Process our applications online and create our transaction documents electronically so we can settle as quickly as the same business day in some urgent cases.

The Types of Transactions that are funded by this product are similar to the following examples

1. Urgent Refinance of Commercial Loans and Mortgage provided by Banks, Non Banks,

2. Refinance of Contributory Mortgage Schemes, Pooled Mortgage Investments and Securitization programs, RMBS underwriters and investors, CMBS underwriters and investors.

3. HNW Investor Direct Mortgages, Fixed Income Secured By Mortgage Investors platform.

4. Superannuation Investors that have an exposure to mortgage lending.

5. Commercial Mortgages for owner occupier or investors

6. High LVR Commercial Mortgages , upto 85 - 100 % LVR

7. Development and Property Construction Loans, Mortgages based on Gross Realisation Value, 100 % of Total Development Costs , no - pre-sales in some cases5. Stretched Senior Mortgage loans HIGH  LVR jumbo products

8. Full Doc Commercial, Lo-Doc Commercial and self certified style loans also whereby interest can be capitalized or prepaid at the end of commercial term

9. Special Situations Property and Debt restructuring and buyouts8. First mortgage lenders who will allow a deed of priority to assist in structured finance and mezzanine financing deals

10. Commercial Mortgage Brokerage service that does all the commercial loan calculations and comparisons based on demographics of the transaction.

11. Caveat Loans and Caveat Mortgages for short term or bridging style settlements that need to settle without a formal mortgagee valuation, same day in some cases. Caveat lending needs specialist advice and understanding as its often a grave yard for both borrowers and lenders who do not know what they are doing or very unscrupulous operators who avoid regulation and prudent lending guidelines.

Acumen Finance has proven its expertise in this space and has carefully vetted and filtered out the lenders that are known to foreclose, not settle, take upfront fees and or end in litigation or at least try and create some. We also have specialist lawyers who understand the process of caveats , lapsing notices and how to defend a caveat based on the balance on convenience. In fact for anything to do with caveats, finance and mortgages we are a dictionary of information and more importantly real liquidity and ability to settle fast.

12. Peer to Peer Mortgage lending , secured lending via Fintech platform providers that are active and broken down based on size of loans and size of actual capital pool. We have mapped many other alternative debt funds that focus on property lending using mortgages as their primary commercial security or others who just focus on lending on cash-flow or a General Security Agreement.

We are here to help with your commercial or business related property finance needs. Or if your a direct mortgage private lender we would like to hear from you and get you on our private lender aggregation panel, let us know if your in the market and what type of loans your looking to originate by clicking Lenders Click Here

Commercial Borrowers give us a call on +61 02 9238 4218 or take advantage of our exclusive origination service and commercial mortgage comparison engine go to Compare Commercial Mortgages and Loans and it takes 7 mins to get access to the smartest mortgage and commercial lending products, tools and calculators in the market.

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