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Deal Direct With Lender - Private Mortgage Finance

Need speed to Market to obtain private mortgage finance from a reputable private lender? Settle Via Pexa (Electronic Settlments System) Low Doc , Asset focussed lending products loans from $1- 3M > $100M, settled in as quick as 2 - 4 days.

Depending on the size and urgency of your loan request you will be assigned a specialist who will manage the transaction from application through to settlement.

We can lend against the following types of deals / securities

- All Zoning, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Rural and Specialized.
- Urgent settlements without valuations, property development loans included 0r sites waiting for a Development Approval.
- Notice to complete, wind up notices, Tax Office enforcement orders or proceedings.
- Clear previous caveat lenders off the property title assuming sufficient equity remains in the asset.

Conditional letter of offer in as little as 2 Hours.

Access case studies of past success stories where banks said no, but clients were able to fund their projects.

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Why Choose Us?

Deal Direct One of Australia's Largest

As one of Australia’s largest and most flexible private commercial mortgage funders we give you, the client, absolute flexibility with any and all private funding requirements that fall outside the ‘mainstream’ lending abilities of the major banks and financial institutions.
Our senior management have over 120 years of industry experience 

99% of our clients are satisfied

In-house private funding lines and lending experts who have specialist knowledge in every aspect of non bank finance and specialised securities and investment. Speak to us first and see the difference. We care about your success

Private Mortgage Finance from
        7.5 % P/A for Low LVR Transactions <         50 %

       11 % P/A + + For our Stretched / Jumbo         LVR Private Loans

Competitive finance interest rates across the entire commercial mortgage product range;

The Acumen Finance Edge

  • Fast turnaround times and electronic loan processing. Some facilities Settled via caveat with unregistered mortgage. Solicitor Style Loans with better terms.
  • Structured solutions for all your private finance requirements; Allowing for settlement sooner.
  • Flexible commercial property LVR’s, and other private finance terms and conditions;
  • Non-bank commercial finance solutions, best of breed in product class. Dont get caught up with the loan sharks.
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