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Stretched Senior & Property Mezzanine Finance & Caveat Lending , Fast Caveat Loans Specialists.

Engage us for Mezzanine Finance & Second Mortgages, Unregistered second mortgages to ensure you have your bases covered

Competitive Mezzanine Loan interest rates, mezzanine debt interest rates

Mezzanine debt on land banking.

Need Direct access to Specialist Mezzanine finance packages. We have specialist credit managers who understand the capital stack intricately.  Acumen Finance have the best rates and fee's in the market to obtain smartest option based on sound credit modelling and understanding property and the clients objectives thoroughly. Acumen are know in the market for their pragmatic and competitively priced mezzanine financing or a stretched senior mortgage loan packages. We have a credit product to suit most situations, even if the only security offered is a an unregistered second mortgage secured by a caveat. We have strong following from Sophisticated Investors who are direct private mortgage lenders and we will place our capital alongside or directly for select transactions

We assist property developers and other property clients in ‘filling’ the gap between a first mortgagee’s facility limit and our clients cash contribution to their project.

Loans from $400K-$100M, settled in as quick as 4 days.

Conditional letter of offer in as little as 24 hours.

Access case studies of past success stories where banks said no, but clients were able to fund their projects.

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Why Choose Us?

  • As one of Australia’s largest and most commercial and competitively private mezzanine  mortgage funders we give you, the client, absolute flexibility with any and all private funding requirements that fall outside the ‘mainstream’ lending abilities of the major banks and financial institutions. We have the ability to syndicate the underwriting for the larger transactions

    Check our Mezzanine Finance interest rates, we can secure our facilities with unregistered or second mortgage. The mezzanine loan interest rates mezzanine debt interest depends on the level of security offered, the exist strategy and what rate the mezzanine debt lender needs to make the transaction work for all parties
  • Well placed to assist you with all of your mining, resource or commercial finance requirements. This covers the full range of debt & equity linked capital solutions.
  • Large network of ultra high net worth investors on our books who can invest directly within selected projects. This means that your project can be funded in time frames not normally achieved by institutional and traditional funding platforms. This is through direct mortgage investments between the lender and the borrower.
  • A reputable, reliable and pragmatic private lender who have solid transaction experience and history of settling deals. We have a specialist legal team who understand B-Spoke direct mortgage investment, Syndicated Loan Facilities, Deeds of Priority negotiations, inter creditor deeds. In fact we can understand most complex commercial situations in a matter of minutes due to the 10,000 + transactions that have been reviewed by our executive staff and commercial
  • Competitive finance interest rates across the entire product range;
  • The main benefit of this style of finance is the speed and the documentation required to obtain the funding. It is usually provided much faster than banks take to process an application and settle a loan.
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