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Property Development Finance & Construction Finance.

Development Finance of upto 100% of total development costs (TDC)

Starting From 4.0 % P/A, No DA required, No-Pre Sales in some transactions. Upto 100% of Total Development Costs. Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Rural securities & Specialized.

We have underwriters for each of these styles of Development and Property Development Finance Transactions.

Obtaining property development finance and construction finance? It's always been the rule of thumb with the Banks for every $10 spent on development finance or construction finance that if your project qualifies and experience is proven they would put in $6 whilst you need the other $4.

The rules are changing in some sectors of the property development finance market. As the wider exposure to property and where the pandemic and low interest rate environment means that the pull back and limited appetite is starting with some APRA institutions. (Full Banking License)

Property Development Finance expertise from $3M-$100M, 70-100%  of total development costs. Settled in as quick as 4 days. Conditional letter of offer in as little as 2 hours. Read case studies of past success stories where banks said no, but clients were able to fund their projects. We look at the fundamentals and feasibility of each project differently based on the three tiers of available financing options.

Acumen has a highly tuned Fintech back end that means we can settle and produce transaction documentation very quickly. Most of our underwriters can settle with PEXA.

property development finance

Development Finance and Property Development Finance tailored to your specific project. Flexible and competitive terms

We do the work that a bank officer would for a bank credit committee - in our office. We  expend significant time and effort in the front end to make sure your development finance is feasible and fundable. We then promote the opportunity in the best commercial light for acceptance by our underwriters. The commercial aspects are carefully considered for each file. We write our own comprehensive credit paper that gives the lender the appropriate confidence that we have carefully considered all aspects to the transaction. Depending on the gearing ratios, experience and capacity of the borrower and experience of the builder are all factors.

We can assist from raw land or englobo land through to selldown.

Conditional letter of offer in as little as 24 hours. Fast turn around times for valuers, quantity surveyor's and In some cases we can settle literally the same day if its an urgent development finance deal.

Check our studies of past success stories where banks said no, but clients were able to fund their projects.

We offer the following commercial loan benefits:

  • Competitive property development finance interest rates across the entire development finance product range;

    Tier 1 Lenders: We scour the market for liquidity from the APRA institutions and find not only a good interest rate, but look for a property development finance structure that doesn't need to be over securitized or relies entirely on one Bank in some cases.

    Tier 2 Lenders: Knowing who is who in the development finance market, what the ASIC and managed investment scheme rules are and how they apply makes all the difference in getting the right Loan to value ratio, rate and flexibility for your transaction. Ever wondered why the second tier lender you with says to you, we'd love to help but its beyond the charter, rules or limits of their fund? Acumen can bridge that knowledge gap.

    Tier 3 Lenders: Have you ever needed to settle really fast ?, need a higher LVR or a top up of a fast caveat loan, or mezzanine finance to get to a higher percentage of total development costs. We have settled a large volume of these property development finance transactions. Due to this experience and deep connections in the industry, we get deals done that others would think are to hard.
  • Fast turnaround times;
  • Structured solutions for all your commercial loan requirements; EG: loans without Pre-sales , loans based on Gross Realization Value
  • Flexible commercial property LVR’s and ratios, and other commercial finance terms and conditions;
  • Non-bank commercial finance solutions up-to 100% of Total Development Costs (if project has a higher than normal profit margin)
  • Access to non-bank property development finance, private mortgages from lenders with property development experience and can conduct their own assessments.
  • Flexible commercial loan servicing criteria; and asset based lending
  • Access to commercial loans based on valuation as opposed to purchase price.
  • We fully understand all stages of property development as well as project margins and succession pitching to external equity partners.

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