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Business Loans - Short Term (caveat style) Lending or Long term mortgages. We have you covered. Settle in as little as 24 hours

As most lenders that are not private lenders which are banks and are investment funds do not have the capacity to assist due to prudential regulations. This means they need an independent valuation,
Get smart access and flexibility through our 3 tiers approach and commercial loan product suite. Acumen has specialist staff who understand all the challenges of the modern business world and how that translates to lending and secured capital and mortgage markets.

Acumen on your side is the difference between having the ability to just commercially survive, hoping that your bankers come through. We also ensure you're not just stuck with limited, outdated or non liquid financiers and low level bankers who are struggling with 50 client + portfolios, backflipping credit and a culture that doesn't understand your specific business needs. At Acumen, we're not interested in  ticking boxes and making loans based on outdated redundant thinking or formulas.

Apply for a loan with confidence that within the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 mortgage markets there are lenders ready to fund! By having the 3 Tiers Access it's real time insurance that there will always be a commercial lending option and product available no matter what zoning size, stage your property is at, timing, dollar amount or loan to value ratio there is. Commercial business loans can come in many forms shapes and sizes. If you need money in 1-6 days, this means that you need private money or a caveat loan, or unregistered or registered second mortgage, bridging finance or mezzanine finance to be able to respond and settle within these times frames. You also need to provide a commercial justification as to how the money will be repaid.

We can arrange , fixed rate, term loans, cash flow funding, inventory funding, funds to buy a competitor, buy out a partner, expand the business.

Loans from $3M-$100M, settled in as quick as 1 day. We have completed many transactions like this and we have lawyers ready to take the instructions, draw loan agreements, prepare caveats and settle on scanned documents sent back by your lawyers with the original transaction documents in the express post sent by your lawyers.

Settle in as little as 24 hours. With a super fast short term business finance solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Competitive Finance Rates

Competitive finance interest rates across the entire commercial mortgage product range. We are a Fintech so our costs are lower

Fast Turn Around Times

Loans from $3M-$100M, settled in as quick as 4 days. Conditional letter of offer in as little as 24 hours.

Smarter Services

Access to business loans based on valuation as opposed to purchase price.

Settle Via the Fastest Caveat Loans in the Business with very experienced underwriters.

Acumen will then work with you to get you a longer term mortgage or do our best to assist you with your wider business goals. Its in our DNA and we engage on this basis.

The Benefits

Unlike a broker who might palm off an application to a lender, we do the work that a bank officer would do for a bank credit committee in our office.

This includes the financial modelling to demonstrate the best loan structure, perform credit checks and model a credit summary that any lender would accept.

  • Structured solutions for all your commercial loan requirements;
  • Flexible commercial property High or Jumbo LVR’s, and other commercial finance terms and conditions;
  • Non-bank commercial finance solutions;
  • Direct Access to non-bank private lenders; can settle on  a caveat then convert to a mortgage for super quick loan requests or requirements.

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