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Acumen is a specialised Non Bank commercial mortgage Lender and Aggregator

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Dear Colleagues,

Commercial Rates from 4.69% @ 65 % LVR no maximum loan size.

We can assist with the following types of property transactions.

  • All Zoning, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Rural and Specialised
  • Urgent settlements without valuations, development loans included
  • Mortgage insurance capped out or over limit
  • Specialised security
  • Construction Loans
  • Not enough pre-sales
  • Lo Doc asset loans without BAS or Accountants Declaration
  • Past credit challenges or under administration
  • Deal needs a JV partner
  • Want to loan against DA improved valuation
  • Need to pre-pay interest on lo-doc so not servicing monthly
  • Overseas borrowers

The Acumen Finance team have over 75 years commercial experience in all transactions related to property and securing finance across various asset classes. Submit a loan request and we will revert with any advice or terms sheet as required within 24 hours. (of having enough information to make an initial assessment)Acumen's first, second and third tier commercial aggregation platform cuts through the red tape is now taking applications and is looking for those harder cases, that "should have been a deal" or has been miss priced by the market or for whatever reason slipped through the cracks. If you are a borrower or a lender or a professional who has a situation that should be a deal but isn't getting traction, we'd love to hear from you.Or please feel free to forward our offer to anyone you think might benefit from our services.

Tier 1               Rates from 3.99 %
Tier 2               Rates from 6.40 %
Tier 3               Rates from 8.00 %

For a full product list and terms and conditions please submit the loan request details via: https://loans.acumenfinance.com.au/Our platform has been built from the group up and by some of the sharpest minds in the Fintech and Disruptive technology domains. Our Algorithm has taken 15 years to refine and commercialise which is the backbone of the engine. The engine in real time maps the available liquidity in the lending market and intelligently matches opportunities based on predefined parameters of, asset class, location, risk and other characteristics that determines terms which underwriters want to get involved.Please read our case studies to get a first-hand view of why we are different and why the deals get done where others just scratch their heads or simply say its too hard.If you have a transaction you believe should be a deal fill out our smart application by going to https://loans.acumenfinance.com.au/Alternatively email us at Commercial Loans cl@acumenfinance.com.au telling us the following.

1. Summary of transaction and finance required
2. Property Security offered, Full address zoning and postcode
3. Asset & Liability Statement for the borrowers
4. Any existing valuation or other supporting data that would be helpfulOr for anything call us on 02 9238 4218

If you're a broker who would like to join our platform please sign up today: https://www.acumenfinance.com.au/brokers