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Acumen Finance makes business and property finance easy with its new platform

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Our robust systems do the legwork for you. Over the course of many years we have mapped and continually reassess who's who in the lending market. A broad scope of Tier 1, 2 and 3 lenders. We can quickly discern who has the capacity, skills, timing and liquidity to get your deal done, and get your access to your funds -- fast!

Dear Colleagues,

It's only been a couple of months since we touched base with you, and we wanted to reach out again to highlight the continued momentum of changes our industry is experiencing. The finance market as we know it, has been disrupted! Disruption usually holds a negative connotation, but in this context, let's just say it is the financial sweetheart of the tech industry and has created many unicorns to date (a company with a valuation of more than $1bn).

For us - Acumen Finance. For Property Fintech P2P lending. For non-bank lending in general. For you, the property backed asset owner and entrepreneur -- our valued clients.

But are you aware of what liquidity is available from the lending markets for your demographic or asset class? Is there still a strong commercial benefit with your existing banking relationships? Are all your finance needs currently being met by your mainstream bankers or are they instead creating problems by ‘calling in’ loans and attempting to reduce their exposure by making your LVRs (Loan to Value Ratios) even lower?

Let's summarise what we mean… and why I ask those questions…
For the past 4-5 years, we have seen a substantial rise of fintech platforms. They are gaining momentum at a rapid rate. The same rate, in which it seems, the banks are putting on the brakes!

During this period, fintech and non-bank lenders have been filling the gaps on small business loans and other areas that the banks were not traditionally servicing. Now, however, Fintech P2P lending and non-bank lending sources are jumping into the space of private commercial mortgage lending too!

I'm sure we all fondly remember the days when we had strong relationships with our banks and they knew our portfolios, business ventures and commercial lending needs inside out. You could be perusing the Sunday paper and your next big development or opportunity jumps off the page at you, by way of an auction mid-week. You do some reconnaissance, satisfy any considerations and zero in on acquiring it. You would call your bank -- sometimes even on the Sunday -- and you were confident in being able to obtain a conditional approval and be able to hit the ground running on auction day.

Those days are gone!

The banks can't offer that anymore. But we can. We are here to fill that void. That's what we do!

Acumen Finance has been disrupting the sector for a number of years now and with the recent Royal Banking Commission into Australian banking practices, and the subsequent tightening of processes and protocols, this disruption is proving more and more to be not only warranted but absolutely necessary!

So let's go back to that Sunday paper scenario or most likely countless other "live" examples of difficulties that you are now experiencing with getting your commercial transactions over the line, due to the current climate.

Enter Acumen Finance. Your specialised private commercial mortgage lender. Your specialised Tier 1, 2 and 3 lender overall. Our fintech inspired backbone and online loan facilitation platforms make your acquisition's possible, despite the decline in bank-based lending. Essentially, Private Commercial Mortgages have never been easier...

Our robust systems do the legwork for you. Over the course of many years we have mapped and continually reassess who's who in the lending market. A broad scope of Tier 1, 2 and 3 lenders. We can quickly discern who has the capacity, skills, timing and liquidity to get your deal done, and get your access to your funds -- fast!

Time waits for nobody...
Time is of the essence...
Time is Money!

A string of clichés I know, however, when you're serious about being in the commercial space, nothing rings truer, and especially in today's fast paced world.

Acumen Finance provides an automated user experience, with a scheduled follow up call -- if necessary -- to ensure that any finer details don't slip through the cracks. Our systems are thorough and “intelligent”, however, we also know very well that sometimes not everything can be captured the first time or in the appropriate way in which your unique portfolio is best presented. The response time, depends of course, on the complexity of your application and position, but we have the ability and commitment to advise you of any lending decisions quickly.

We are talking mere days, not weeks on end!

That is the way of Fintech.
That is the way of Acumen Finance.
That is NOW the way of private commercial lending.

Read that again, it's not the way of the future... it's here already!

So, take advantage of our momentum and expertise. We have settled a high number of loans that the banks were unable to facilitate, due to timing issues similar to that which we outlined above or the extreme conservative nature in which they now mitigate their exposure to risk.

It's our approach of understanding the idiosyncrasies of these deals, of the progress and innovation largely present in commercial markets now, that gets the results. The parameters in banking are tightening, not expanding... they are now very limited in their capacity to help you grow.

Perhaps you are facing one or more situations in which the banks are not supporting you commercially…

As we mentioned briefly above, without any rhyme or reason -- well certainly not any that consider or benefit you -- does any of the following sound familiar?

Are you being subjected to unwanted lending/mortgage/overdraft facility reviews? Or perhaps the effects are reaching you by way of them demanding an unusually high amount of commercial data to satisfy their requirements for simple transactions and/or taking much longer turnaround times to make their decisions?

Have you found yourself in a situation with tax debt -- a commercial reality that has somehow become quite taboo -- that the banks point blank refuse to support you through?

Don't let the macro-factors affecting the bank's decision impact on you -- the micro. To avail of our P2P style lending for all your lending needs, including private commercial mortgages please click here to enquire or here to apply.

Acumen's team has created a solid foundation and long standing relationships with a range of high net worth underwriters that, with the right security and serviceability are ready to alleviate the disruption to your wealth creation.

Conversely, if you're a private lender in the commercial mortgage sector and are interested in joining our underwriting team, and our approach to the finance market then please click here.