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Will Fintech Kill the Caveat Loans and Caveat Lenders

No Royal Commission Fallout Here... We have ample liquidity for funding commercial loans

Dear Colleagues,

Its been an interesting start to the year and surely a rough ride ahead for brokers and other industry participants. At Acumen Finance we are not perplexed by any of royal commision findings, we feel this is the begining of an exciting new era in lending where transparency and integrity will rule.

Rates beginning at 9.95 % P/A

Minimum Term 30 days

Fast Settlement Options: Same or Next Business day **

1st Mortgage to Caveat LVR’s but all loans paid out

No Maximum Loan Size

Locations We Lend and Service: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Mackay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast.

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** Same or next day settlements priced based on risk and security**

With Interest Rates beginning at 9.95 % P/A we are the first Fintech come caveat loan disrupter who can price loans in some cases reserved for those types of lenders who are in the high double digits as standard.

We do this based on the speed of our peer-to-peer direct mortgage invest platform and underwriting expertise which presents a transaction to the network based on real time cash reserves and matches to a Lender. The nature and mentality of our capital is from sophisticated or institutional investors who have preformatted transaction preferences which get matched almost in real time. We say almost because it’s the over 120 years of industry experience then get involved in the finer detail to tune a specific transaction to style of lender it attracts through the commercial realities of the deal itself.

"Like it or lump-it disruptive technology seems to have No Limits to the amount of segments in the Banking and Financial services industry it can reshape dramatically"

This is especially being demonstrated in the mortgage broking, Non Bank Commercial Mortgage, alternative lending and mezzanine, bridging and caveat style lenders of the modern market.

Everyone's looking to the side nervously wondering how long will their model survive. Well its not quite lights out and Fintech has a long way to come before its in the mainstream, but what is certain now is that everyone's relying on technology and the rise of platforms is coming to a market near you soon.

You see non-regulated commercial lending products have been around for a long time now allowing operators of all shapes sizes and pedigree and price participate in the market.

But what is different now to say even 15 - 20 years ago is the way that the vast majority of a commercial loan or mortgage applicant approaches the market.

20 ~ Years ago, you would have probably just called or dropped into your local bank to Apply for a loan, or checked the rates page of the Australian Financial Review of Reserve Bank Base Rates from the other available media of the day.

10 ~ Years ago, you would call a broker or ask your accountant if he knew of any alternative ways to raise capital as well as do a bit of internet searching.

2022~ You search the internet as a first port of call with in many ways the platforms shaping the price and decisions based on the access to credible data that's been formatted into a menu based world and then a real person follows up on that to deliver the solution. The financial relationships will be held at the platform level because when your aggregate the buying and selling power of many lenders and borrowers in one place mixed with specialist expertise this naturally lowers the overall cost of capital and speed of money to the market. Acumen Finance is your long term partner for your ongoing financial needs no matter what your requirements are as we have Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 specialist Lenders who are tuned to the future and will add commercial value to your business and property related financing requirements.

You see smart money now can be found by understanding the liquidity in the business lending markets and commercial mortgage and loan markets by engaging with a platform that fast tracks the credit matching process and delivers an all-round faster response and processing of data , credit checks, valuations, instructions of lawyers, preparation of the mortgage loan transaction documents. This is done with internal commercial loan calculators and other tools available to the underwriters based on the mechanical frame work of where the lender is domiciled and how the internal processes they follow translate into the time vs money arguments.

The settlements are almost completely digitized now with platforms like PEXA and other legal service providers producing the documents almost in real time.

What does this mean for the short term lending markets?

Well its good news for the borrowers of commercial and shorter terms finance mortgage and caveat style lending products simply because the rise of the secondary and third tier platforms is making capital available in time-frames normally reserved for those who arrange and participate at the pointiest end of the finance market.

Adding also those fresh lenders who price differently risk and reward and considering faster timing all part of the service as opposed to a price for risk issue.

Its not all Roses still however as there is allot of misinformation or substandard or risky lending practices going on and the really sharky end of the pool in the private money markets.

This is where Acumen Finance brings a fresh perspective by having enough industry experience and reach and systemized way of mapping who the credible parties are in the market. Not only that it invests its own capital in a large number of the loans written through the platform.

Acumen Finance is set up as an eco-system of Lenders from Banks through to credit unions through to hedge funds or even a self-managed superannuation fund. We have high net worth individuals who invest in direct first mortgage investments. We also fund caveat style loans as our private investor pool enjoy the security a caveat protecting a mortgage brings and the higher yields than leaving money in the Bank to erode away from inflation. We have the the full spectrum of finance products that can be secured against property, that's our expertise.

This means that no matter where you enter into the platform a forward-thinking Fintech Lender comparison and calculator tools will match you back into the correct product at the correct time based on the technical aspects of your financial needs. Simply meaning you may start with a Caveat Loan but finish with a Neo-Bank or at better than banking interest rates from not having all the Cumbersome overheads.

If you would like to take advantage of our exclusive service that’s at least 20 % cheaper in terms of all up fee’s and costs when comparing with our competitors. It takes 1o mins for you to get your transaction uploaded and then we will start to backward engineer from the market inline with understanding your specific circumstances. This is to ensure that we can deliver the most tailored lending solution in the shortest period of time.

If you’re a borrower click on www.acumenfinance.com.au/apply

To take advantage of our express application process and we will start working on your loan. We will also call at a convenient time to discuss all the extra details that a computer can’t capture to ensure that we add the most value as possible and deliver the smartest loan package possible in the shortest possible time.

If you’re a lender and looking for solid pre-qualified and credit checked loans as well as premium margin and returns click here https://www.acumenfinance.com.au/lenders and please furnish us with the details of your credit criteria and we will call and discuss further how our origination services can create you a fixed return profile and steady income stream.

If you’re a Mortgage broker , Accountant, Real Estate Agent , A Property Lawyer or any other type of professional who would like to create an alliance with Acumen or submit a one off transaction for consideration you can either refer directly or make contact first by clicking here. https://loans.acumenfinance.com.au/broker

Our Specialists are available during business hours and we also have an after hours service for those urgent applications. If needed after hours please go straight to our Acumen Finance Chat Bot on the website and start a conversation which will loop in an after hours agent to keep your transaction progressing.

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