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Non Bank Commercial Finance

Recently Launched – Non-Bank Finance Platform For Australian Businesses with a property focus. Need Finance? --- for your property, business, project or vehicle?

Hi All,

Its Matthew Nunis here!  We may have rubbed shoulders in the past in the prestige car industry.

Ever been annoyed by your banker or even worse lost money or an opportunity because of them? Why not sack them? The old model of Banking is nearly finished and is counter commercial for a large cross section of commercial borrowers.

As you will notice on my LinkedIn I have recently started a role in the Non-Bank finance world with a company called Acumen Finance.  Acumen is a fintech inspired commercial loan aggregator which specializes in capital raising for businesses and property deals that are generally overlooked, constrained or rejected by the banks and can provide property as the main security.You may be asking, so what makes this company so compelling that I would leave the prestige motor industry to get involved?  In simple terms this company as I see it is the next unicorn of the tech and finance world. It has a developed systems and algorithms that are able to in commercial reality get deals financed where by other financiers / brokers could not assist or simply the parties involved couldn’t complete and lost their deposit or had to fire sale.

Acumen are nimble, pragmatic and principles have settled many largeproperty deals within Australia and worldwide. Above all they have the most advanced data and credit matching tools within the Non-Bank Sector.Most importantly Acumen does this without departing from sound commercial Acumen and Prudent lending practises.  Some Examples of recent funded deals:

1. $95,000,000 construction loan in Peth, which lent 100 % of the total development costs to theborrower which was a consortium made up of a development manager and subsequent equityholders. Despite the deal being declined by the Bank and a number of other non-banks, Acumenhad the deal approved within 20 days.

2. $4,100,000 Bridging Finance loan approved within 3 days and funded within a week. Our client had a number of development sites at various stages of construction. The borrower needed to borrow some short-term money as one of his financiers pulled out at the 11th hour, creating a potential default situation from not completing / settling as required. The borrower was in a very technically difficult situation as they were now facing a potential solvency and foreclosure problem and its existing loans were called in.  Acumen’s team was engaged and was able to view the financials in a different light and work shopped the deal with one of its non-bank private lenders. Based on our analysis we recommend assisting and refinancing at a 130 % loan to value ratio which was mitigated by a guarantee from the parent company which had blue chip contracts securing its revenue.

We have an advanced software engine that’s currently being enhanced for deep learning capabilities and currently has mapped the lending criteria of over 90 commercial lenders made of up Banks, Non-Banks, and Private Lenders who have genuine transaction history and capacity to lend. We then go a step further by providing full back office support, credit analysis and detailed submission which is formatted to our rigorous standards and for submission to the lenders.  As business has taught me and growing up in Perth with its boom and bust cycles, I saw it many times over in my career and dealing with the big end of town. I learned that you can have the best ideas, best people, best properties, correct zoning and willingness to grow. But without the finance component that makes the deal work and ensures completion or resourcing of the underlying trade. Your chances of failure are imminent and real. Especially if your only relying on the bank exclusively to provide the funding. So what exactly can Acumen fund? Ever needed money in any of the below situations.

1. Property Finance
2. All Zoning, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Rural and Specialized
3. Urgent settlements without valuations, development loans included
4. Lending against asset only values
5. Mortgage insurance capped out or over limit
6. Specialized security
7. Higher than 65 % LVR
8. Construction Loans
9. Not enough pre-sales
10. Lo Doc asset loans without BAS or Accountants Declaration
11. Past credit challenges or under administration
12. Deal needs a JV partner
13. Want to loan against DA improved valuation
14. Need to pre-pay interest on Lo-Doc so not servicing monthly
15. Tax Debts to be paid out

If you have any new opportunities that are unfunded or properties and cars that need a refinance facility.  Or anyone you know who could benefit from our services? Please reach out or visit our website and or hit apply now and follow the steps on our short webform to submit an enquiry. Once received on the platform, and we are formally engaged we can generally come back with an answer within hours what commercial options exist , the pricing and what the next steps are.

Alternatively, if you would like to have a chat more about how this may apply to you and your business or project please feel free to call or email requesting more information.

PS: If your cashed up and don’t need financiers at all read below.

If you’re a sophisticated investor with surplus cash and potentially want to invest it securely with high single digit or double digit returns where you’re not exposed in any significant way and you can still get monthly cashflow from your investments? Call and speak to us about our direct first mortgage investment opportunities whereby you become the bank. Call and a see if this is suitable for your fixed income strategy today.

Looking forward to assisting further.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Nunis

Associate Director
Acumen Finance Pty Ltd

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