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Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year and wishing everyone the best for 2019.

We finished the 2018 year with vigor and worked throughout the Christmas period assisting those clients whose commercial circumstances needed real cash settlements secured by property. While most of our colleagues in the mainstream financial institutions where enjoying the holidays the Acumen team was busily working with a handful of dedicated and understanding professionals made up of Lawyers, Private Lenders (Sophisticated Investors) and Valuers. We were pleased that this was not in vein as we able to add significant value to a number of our clients as highlighted below.

Some Case Studies for December 2018 (A day before Christmas............)

1. On Christmas Eve we approved a first mortgage loan of $280,000 secured by an unencumbered residential property in Perth via a self managed super fund lender, the request was received at 10 am then by 11 am with the commitment fee paid of $2750.00 Acumen then had the facility unconditionally approved. Acumen then directed the lenders lawyers to prepare the transaction documents immediately and arrange for a settlement via PEXA that afternoon before C.O.B. The interest rate was approximately 1 % per month or 12 % p/a. The minimum amount of interest payable was equal to 2 months. This was a great outcome for the borrower who had no chance of any assistance from a financial institution at that time of year and with the limited financial documentation provided. This was a great outcome for the self managed super fund lender (sophisticated investor) who was able to get 3 - 4 times the return for parking cash in the Bank in term deposit or high interest accounts.

2. Also on Christmas eve we settled a commercial first mortgage bridging loan of $1,050,000 secured over a factory warehouse in a modern industrial estate based in Adelaide in which we had been formally engaged to raise the capital 4 days earlier. The company requesting the funds was a dynamic and rapidly growing electronics conglomerate who had Asian trading partners that needed to be paid to keep the work in progress and inventory flowing.  We were able to fund this loan via a private corporation that is backed by a Sophisticated investor being a Sydney Based Family office. We achieved a much higher LVR being 85 % of the properties value based on a First Mortgage and a company charge over the borrower. The Lender did not need to undertake a formal valuation as they were able to get comfort based on the commercial merits of the transaction and having Acumen assist in the underwriting process to answer and questions and assist in prudent loan structuring to accommodate the shorter than normal time frame to complete the transaction.

Please note our latest interest rates are here.

For any Sophisticated Investor colleagues Or seasoned Property Players who have excess liquidity now has never been a better time to consider lending money directly secured by mortgages over property. Acumen will be running some separate notes about this shortly. Or if your interested in registering as a private lender and making direct private mortgage investment part of your fixed income strategy or way to hedge yourself against competition we would like to speak with you further about upcoming opportunities in this space. Please click here to register your interest as a lender and we will get back to you to understand more about how you would potentially see yourself in the market and the types of loans you would consider funding and the type of fixed return that is acceptable (as a range).

Acumen is continuing to connect the dots on commercial property loans through our advanced credit matching algorithm and advanced credit structuring methods and real world commercial experience that leverages 85 years combined underwriting experience and commercial finance product knowledge.

We simply bring the best of breed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tier commercial mortgage and business lending products and do the technical stuff and leg work to allow you get on with running your core business with confidence capital is available from one or all of the 3 tiers if required. Don't let opportunity costs from sloppy or uninterested bankers rob your commercial advantage in 2019. Acumen is here to help.

If you have a transaction that could benefit from our exclusive credit matching services please click here to be redirected to our confidential application form. It takes around 8 - 15 Mins to complete and gets you on the fast track to knowing what commercial finance options exist for your business or your project. Alternatively if you prefer to send an offline application please provide us with an emailed summary of transaction that includes.

1. Summary of Loan Request, including borrowers personal names and company names of borrowers
2. Asset & Liability Statement for the borrower (In Excel Format - if possible), breaking down the various property assets owned by the borrower and the associated debts
3. A summary of the borrowers experience and if any problems with credit or their credibility
4. Any existing property valuations or contract of sale for a purchase of a property
5. Any other relevant information to help us determine if this is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Tier pricing.

Once this is on hand we can guide which product and which Tier.

Or alternatively call 02 9238 4218 for a confidential discussion about your funding requirements.

The Acumen Team

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