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Flexible Commercial Property Finance without the usual excuses

Smart access to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 mortgage lenders means no matter what the loan request. If its a deal that can be underwritten Acumen has its covered.

Have you ever heard the expression that " The Bank will give you a umbrella on a sunny day and take it off you when it is raining "

We have seen this happen many times over the years in the various cycles. The only prudent thing to do is to check our commercial mortgage and commercial finance comparison engine and commercial loan calculator and consider installing some non bank mortgage lenders as part of your strategy to ensure that your finance needs are covered. The last thing you want is to reach for the umbrella only to find that its gone... or get a mortgage or facility review and no longer qualify.

Whats going on in the markets to create this situation?

Australia's Banking and Financial System is a very unique eco system when compared to other developed countries. In summary we have a robust system but its prone to hurt those who need it most.

1. APRA the banking regulator has created tighter restrictions on how the Banks assess mortgages and credit risk, meaning that loan to value ratios, servicing ratios on home loans and commercial loans and commercial mortgages are all being scrutinized and lending curtailed, an example was the interest only investor loan cap that was recently scrapped, this created all types of different problems for those that were in the market already and those about to enter. Almost overnight , mortgage loans were converted to principle and interest and those that were about to settle on an interest only loan all of a sudden didn't meet the criteria any more. Not a good position to be in with an exchanged contract and a deposit paid and settlements that are not able to complete due to finance mismatches.

2. Royal Commission into the practices at the big Banks has the risk teams in overdrive , limiting any potential fall out or future deals that could create scrutiny

3. Basel 4 liquidity controls from Central Banks cascade down further this year making it even harder for a Bank to manage their treasury functions.

4. Rise and Fall of the Chinese Property Developers through capital controls being constricted from China and the Australian Banks mostly completely withdrawing from the sector.

5. Mortgage Loan Fraud for foreign buyers , very little media coverage on this but its estimated an overwhelming number of all non resident or resident with overseas income mortgage loans of Chinese origin have some elements of fraud http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2016/s4458846.htm

All of the above has meant the Banks are even more erratic and will continue to do so.

As a Fintech backed and tuned property mortgage financier, with many years experience and 100 of products to choose from.

Acumen Finance is staying ahead of the curve and actively funding property transactions secured by mortgages where the institutions are not able to lend because they are constricted by their capital structures and portfolio objectives.

In short, all property pricing is primarily driven by the availability of debt in the capital markets mostly being serviced by the banks. This is due to the changing landscape of renewed global economic uncertainty around debt bubbles and also coupled with the fact that a large percentage of Australian property plays have Asian sponsors. There is a supply and demand issue as deals fight for local liquidity and it becomes challenging for the Banks to balance their exposures. In some parts of the property market the Banks now no longer want to get involved in property development transactions which have a cascading effect on the local market.

Acumen Finance has competently mapped the availability of capital within Australia by breaking down the lenders who are prepared to advance funds into the following categories.

1. Commercial Loans and Mortgage provided by Banks, Non Banks, Contributory Mortgage Schemes, Pooled Mortgage Investments and Securitization programs, RMBS underwriters and investors, CMBS underwriters and investors. HNW Investor Direct Mortgages, Fixed Income Secured By Mortgage Investors platform. Superannuation Investors that have an exposure to mortgage lending.

2. Commercial Mortgages for owner occupier or investors

3. High LVR Commercial Mortgages , upto 85 - 100 % LVR

4. Development and Property Construction Loans, Mortgages based on Gross Realisation Value, 100 % of Total Development Costs , no - pre-sales in some cases

5. Stretched Senior Mortgage loans HIGH - LVR jumbo products

6. Full Doc Commercial, Lo-Doc Commercial and self certified style loans also whereby interest can be capitalized or prepaid at the end of commercial term

7. Special Situations Property and Debt restructuring and buyouts

8. First mortgage lenders who will allow a deed of priority to assist in structured finance and mezzanine financing deals

9. Commercial Mortgage Brokerage service that does all the commercial loan calculations and comparisons based on demographics of the transaction.

10. Caveat Loans and Caveat Mortgages for short term or bridging style settlements that need to settle without a formal mortgagee valuation, same day in some cases. Caveat lending needs specialist advice and understanding as its often a grave yard for both borrowers and lenders who do not know what they are doing or very unscrupulous operators who avoid regulation and prudent lending guidelines. Acumen Finance has proven its expertise in this space and has carefully vetted and filtered out the lenders that are known to foreclose, not settle, take upfront fees and or end in litigation or at least try and create some. We also have specialist lawyers who understand the process of caveats , lapsing notices and how to defend a caveat based on the balance on convenience. In fact for anything to do with caveats, finance and mortgages we are a dictionary of information and more importantly real liquidity and ability to settle fast.

11. Peer to Peer Mortgage lending , secured lending via Fintech platform providers that are active and broken down based on size of loans and size of actual capital pool. We have mapped many other alternative debt funds that focus on property lending using mortgages as their primary commercial security or others who just focus on lending on cash-flow or a General Security Agreement.

We are here to help with any of your commercial finance needs. Or if your a direct mortgage private lender we would like to hear from you and get you on our private lender aggregation panel, let us know if your in the market and what type of loans your looking to originate by clicking Lenders Click Here

Commercial Borrowers give us a call on +61 02 9238 4218 or take advantage of our exclusive origination service and commercial mortgage comparison engine go to Compare Commercial Mortgages and Loans and it takes 7 mins to get access to the smartest mortgage and commercial lending products, tools and calculators in the market.

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