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Non Bank Commercial Finance

Most flexible finance terms in the market, tell us about your project or loan facilities and we will see how we can add commercial value with a better priced or more feasible loan structure

Dear Colleague,

A quick note to touch base and see if there is any scope within your's or your client's property portfolio or development pipeline for some non-bank funding?  Acumen has a specialist fintech platform that data matches the liquid money in the market for property backed lending.  We couple that with over 100 years commercial experience in our executive team, so then your assured smart access to non-bank commercial funding.

One of our products is for borrowers and clients that have a bankable or near bankable deal, but prefer to work with a funder who is more flexible and still competitively priced.

We also have a number of products to assist in specialist or unique situations that don’t fit with a traditional funder.

Product 1#

Non Bank Lending Made Simple – Acumen Sept 18

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Loan Type

Acceptable Security

Interest Rates

4.64%  P/A*
1.5 X

Debt Servicing

Est Fees

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Non Construction
Rural, Commercial, Industrial, Specialized Security
70 %
Metro Areas, Land Banks, Land sub-division, Apartments, Townhouses
7.95% P/A *
At least 30% Presales
70 > 85% of Total Dev Costs
Stretched Senior Debt
Metro Areas
9.95 % P/A*
Exit of loan to be
100 % of Total Dev Cost

*Subject to full credit approval and demonstrated history and capacity of borrowers.

*Application, Line fee’s, valuations fee’s, Legal fee’s. Quotations provided with conditional offer.

  • Maximum loan sizes apply and full terms and conditions available on application.
  • The above products are for near bank or bank quality customers that would like an alternative
  • No major credit impairment for the borrowers

Our products can also assist for the following types of property backed loan requests.

Got a deal that doesn't fit the box of your mainstreams?

Acumen's most recent Largest Loan Approved in the last quarter was for a $67,000,000 Construction facility in Perth. The progressively drawn loan covered 100% of Total Development Costs. The borrower was a property development consortium that was outside of bank appetite due to size of the development and perceived risk. The underwriter was an investment partner of Acumen based in Eastern Australia.  Within 14 days of having the transaction, Acumen had the facility conditionally approved and waived a number of DD items due to its ability to discern the commercial merits of the transaction very quickly.

Acumen settled many other loans that were funded from our non-bank channel, where the transactions themselves were constrained by some technical or risk challenge.  Acumen has built a reputation of delivering tailored funding packages whereby others simply could not.  This is because we have a structured and commercially tuned approach that will work with the parties in the transaction to ensure that’s it got the best prospect of funding and on the best terms available.

Acumen and its underwriters are ready for the last quarter of 2018 with ample liquidity for suitable transactions and we are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with Accountants and finance professionals.

Acumen and its underwriters are ready for the last quarter of 2018 with ample liquidity for suitable transactions.

What makes us different from other financiers

Acumen has a number of underwriting pools in which it draws its funds from that are not constricted by portfolio / lending rules. This means for each property transaction we take a blank sheet and work backward to structure and price a finance package that works for everyone. Our timing is generally much faster than an institution and we can take more risk.

We collaborate with Brokers, Accountants, Property Professionals and pay brokerage / referral fees.

What types of deals / loans can Acumen assist with?

Non NCCP Property Finance

  • All Zoning, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Rural and Specialised
  • Urgent settlements without valuations, development loans included
  • Lending against asset only values
  • Mortgage insurance capped out or over limit
  • Specialized security
  • Lending against asset only values
  • Higher than 65 % LVR
  • Construction Loans
  • Not enough pre-sales
  • Lo Doc asset loans without BAS or Accountants Declaration
  • Past credit challenges or under administration
  • Deal needs a JV partner
  • Want to loan against DA improved valuation
  • Need to pre-pay interest on lo-doc so not servicing monthly
  • Overseas borrowers

Please feel free to email us an I.M or transaction summary and we can revert with how we may be able to add value, pricing and process to move forward.

Or fill out our smart form for online applications by visiting https://www.acumenfinance.com.au/ and clicking on Apply Now

Once the loan is on our platform, it's collated internally in commercial confidence, and then we formulate an underwriting approach and pricing. We will then email you our proposed pricing and approach and standard terms for further consideration.

Email Address: (commercial loans)


Alternatively, call or text our office directly for a commercial in confidence discussion.

We also have a number of case studies on our website please feel free to browse and understand more about what we do.

The Acumen Team.

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