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About Our Team

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Nathan Daly

Peter Kumar

Marzena Radzikowska

Joseph Lee

Justin Ericson

Joseph Mathew

Giftson Selladurai

Managing Director

Nathan Daly has been engaged in private and alternative capital markets for the past 15 years, and thus has a specialised understanding of Australia’s financial landscape.

He has worked in structured finance facilities ranging from small companies to publicly listed corporations, and has driven a wide range of securitised investment vehicles as both originator and as principal investor.

Well-known and respected in the field, Nathan carries with him a strong network of sophisticated investors who have the flexibility to participate in transactions with tricky timing and technical constraints, giving Acumen Finance a significant advantage over larger, less agile institutions.

Nathan’s transaction portfolio is testament to his abilities and industry contacts; he arranged and settled a $33,000,000 loan within 4 days of having the transaction presented to him.

Head Of International Strategy

Peter Kumar M.B.A serves as an honorary consultant with Acumen Finance, advising and guiding us with his international expertise and insight in global financial trends.

Dr.Kumar travels extensively, keeping up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the worldwide marketplace.

We value his knowledge and experience, and with his direction and leadership we have taken on new strategic opportunities in diverse countries.

Finance Specialist

Marzena Radzikowska is a qualified finance specialist with a successful career in the banking & finance industry spanning for a period of 20 years.

Through her previous experience working as a Business Banking Manager for Major Banks, Marzena has gained an inside knowledge of the requirements of the financial institutions and developed strong credit and financial analysis skills which enabled her to successfully complete variety of complex commercial and property investment deals. Her proactive approach in customer interactions has resulted in capturing numerous accounts and expanding the company’s client base.

Marzena has been involved with Acumen Finance since 2015 currently working as a Commercial Finance Manager.

At Acumen, we will always strive to get the most optimal financial solution for our clients.

Marzena’s role is to gather relevant financial information from the clients, review and analyse data provided and structure the deal to seek the best outcomes for our clients. She then prepares commercial credit submission which is presented to various lenders for approval.

In many instances, her strong analytical skills enabled her to get a cheaper financial solution for our clients.

For example, recently we had a client who was seeking third tier lender to assist with the purchase of an upmarket property. Before, contacting us, the client has already approached number of first & second tiered lenders but was unsuccessful in securing a loan. He was certain that he will not be able to get any other finance apart from the third tier lend. After reviewing all the financial information, Marzena was able to structure the deal accordingly which was then submitted to the Major Bank and approved in a timely manner saving the clients thousands of dollars in interest and fees.

Marzena is an accredited Member of Finance Brokers Association of Australia. Marzena also holds a double degree in Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Economics) and Bachelor of Applied Science ( Applied Mathematics/Statistics)

Partner – Infrastructure Financing

Joseph Lee is a valued Partner of Acumen Finance. He has hands on experience with major technical projects.

This covers pricing, concept and delivery. His core strength is leveraging from his commercial background and contacts. This is coupled with a pragmatic mindset around project feasibility and assisting in formulating workable project finance structure.

Joseph is also currently Managing Director of JD International Co.,Ltd. (Korea) JD International is “On/Offshore Engineering and Construction Development Company. JD is specialized in infrastructure and Oil & Gas projects. With 30 years of Experience of management in Engineering and Construction area.

Joseph has led infrastructure developments Projects in USA, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Associate Director – CPA, MAICD, JP(Qual)

Justin Ericson is a qualified accountant with specialisation in tax, corporate recovery, asset protection and finance.

Justin has sound industry knowledge spanning property, rural enterprise, international business, charity law, indigenous corporations and corporate structuring.

Justin is a key advisor to many companies and government departments both locally and internationally. He has board seats on several SME’s and land trusts globally.

His proven experience also encompasses business turnaround, succession planning, corporate risk management, structuring of joint ventures and syndicated deal platforms.

Commercial Lending Solutions

At Acumen, Joseph serves in sales, marketing and operational roles leveraging systems for growth through direct and broker-introduced clients.

From his early youth, Joseph enjoyed developing systems to solve problems.

His passion as a problem solver led him to Dell, where he managed various aspects of Dell’s online business. Dell’s online business grew from $5M/day business to $60M/day. Joe led teams that developed applications, processes, dashboards and systems for Dell’s growth. In Australia, he led the deployment of many finance applications that drive stock quotes, real estate and money saving campaigns across a range of large and mid sized finance corporations.

Throughout his career, Joseph solved problems with technology, systemised automated and simplified processes, developing strong relationships with people and values these relationships the most.

Lead Technology Consultant

Giftson Selladurai is a qualified Information Systems consultant and brings with him more than 7+ years of experience in Information and Communication Technology Industry.

His expertise enables us to stand out as leading financial providers with every advance technology assistance available. While his strengths are adapting to various environments and cultures, his commitment to excellence and a never give up attitude totally reflects the ethos of our company.

Giftson also consults with other organisations providing technical solutions and IT architectural support to various companies in Australia and overseas.

Giftson has also published an International paper on “Email Security and Authentication using Captcha and DSA” at the 2008 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM’08)