Caveat Loans, Short Term Lending & Bridging Finance

In the market to obtain a caveat loan for business purposes? Low doc and full doc loans from $400K-$100M, settled in as quick as 4 days. Conditional letter of offer in as little as 24 hours. Access case studies of past success stories where banks said no, but clients were able to fund their projects.

We offer the following caveat loan benefits:

  • As one of Australia’s largest and most acquiescent private funders we give you, the client, absolute flexibility with any and all private funding requirements that fall outside the ‘mainstream’ lending abilities of the major banks and financial institutions.
  • In-house private lending expert who is au fait with every aspect of specialised securities and investment.
  • A reputable, reliable and pragmatic private lender who have solid transaction experience and history of settling deals.
  • Speak directly with the lender who is providing the funds. You can also check with our external lawyers and previous borrowers to ensure the legitimacy of our offer.
  • Fast , Reliable Short Term Finance
  • Competitive finance interest rates across the entire product range;
  • Structured solutions for all your private finance requirements;
  • The interest rate may also depend on what type of security is available, i.e. a first or second mortgage, the less security the higher the rate.
  • The main benefit of this style of finance is the speed and the documentation required to obtain the funding. It is usually provided much faster than banks take to process an application and settle a loan.